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Born in San Francisco, Al Connell is a native to the Bay Area. He started working with Farmers Insurance Group in 1978 and opened his first office in 1979. His years of experience give Connell Insurance a strong foundation of experience and strength. In September of 2015 after over 37 years of operating a very successful Farmers Insurance agency Al left Farmers Insurance Group to pursue and develop more of the Brokerage side of his business in an effort to provide more choices and options from a multitude of insurance companies for his clients. Al felt that this change would not only better serve his client’s needs in the long run but it also leverages Connell Insurance Agency’s many years of experience in the industry to provide customized insurance planning tailored to our client’s needs while giving them the most bang for their buck.

The team at Connell Insurance Agency knows people have many choices on where to buy insurance. So why should they choose CIA? Because we provide them with the most value for their investment and go that extra mile each and every day to provide real value to them. We strive every day to do what’s right for our clients and in doing so we believe we bring valuable advice and support to them – not just at the time they buy the insurance, but even more important is that we will be there when they need us, for example when they have a claim or an insurance problem. And when we make a commitment, we stand by it. Our goal is for every single client to receive second-to-none customer service and have a completely rewarding experience. We make a promise to each and every one of our clients that we will strive every day to be the very best we can be for our clients.

Where did these values come from? It all started with founder Al Connell’s father, Jack Connell. He also owned his own business for many years and from this stems Al’s own business philosophy: Your Word is Your Bond.

Connell Insurance Agency is truly a family business. Our licensed staff consists of Jacqueline Machado, Al’s daughter, Customer Service Manager who has been with the agency since 2000. Erik Connell, Al’s son, is an Agency Producer and has been with the company since 2004. Danice Pons, is our Agency Customer Service Representative and has been with us since 2013. My staff is built on the philosophy that our clients are the top priority of the agency and as such deserve the very best we can give them every day and every time we get the opportunity to work with them.



Al Connell


Erik Connell
Agency Producer


Jacqueline Machado
Customer Service Manager


Danice Pons
Customer Service Representative